Saving Time and Money

Utilising a Kanban for Stock Management WBT worked with a small team to help them develop and implement an approach to stock management that saved time, space and money.

Bart Siwek – Genomic Surveillance Operations Lead – Wellcome Sanger Institute

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with WBT Consultants. Not only did they provided the Sample Management & Portering team with expertise in regards to streamlining of our processes, but also inspired individuals to look for areas of potential enhancement in all daily tasks.  WBT offered Lean workshops, laying down the principles of continuous improvement, covering Kanban system, 5S, RCA, Variation and Performance Measures.  Their Consultants passion for a Lean way of life combined with exceptional ability to effortlessly share knowledge and experience has changed the way the team and I operate and tackle challenges. The whole experience has changed how I think about work.” 

Hunting Down The Covid-19 Variants – Adding Speed, Scale and Agility

Utilising WBT improvement techniques to improve the search for Covid 19 Variants, WBT and Sanger scientists worked in collaboration to deliver data faster and more consistently, to identify the Variants of concern.

Adding speed, scale and agility to the search for Covid-19 variants

Cristina Ariani – Genomic Surveillance Operations Lead – Wellcome Sanger Institute

“WBT consultants were essential to the success of the Covid-19 Genomics Surveillance Project at the Wellcome Sanger Institute. By bringing continuous improvement into the culture of all teams involved in the project, we have been able to deliver unprecedented numbers of high-quality genome sequences of Covid-19 to the British Government and the scientific community. WBT drove considerable improvements on turnaround times from more than 19 days to less than 3 days and provided fundamental counsel at important decision-making instances.”

Using Lean in Scientific Operations

Celebrating a case study from one of our client teams, this time for the Spatial Genomics team at the Wellcome Sanger Institute.

Here is what the head of that service had to say..

“There are many benefits which I have noticed from this work with WBT — the confidence in the team and in the team leader is amazing. Spatial is no longer something I stress about. I know they are doing the critical thinking and improvements for themselves and they are just on top of things now.”

Rachel Nelson- Senior Scientific Manager Wellcome Sanger Institute 

Thanks to Rachel Nelson for inviting us work with such a brilliant team of people.

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A place for customers feedback

Having been encouraged to shout out a little louder about what we do, we have added a new page to our website for all of the feedback from our wonderful clients. We will also be adding our case studies over the coming weeks and months so that you can see how our work can benefit different types of organisations.

Accepted by RTC North

We are really pleased to announce that RTC North have accepted us onto their supplier list.

If any of our connections, that are based in the Northeast LEP area, want to use our services and think may benefit from a grant via RTC North, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

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It just made me think..

I was listening to an inspiring local entrepreneur last night, who told the story of how coronavirus has impacted his coffee business.

I heard how, faced with these unprecedented times, they had 

  • managed to pivot the business to digital channels to sell online
  • make charitable donations of their product to local health and care establishments
  • how revenue was now at pre-pandemic levels using the digital channels  

Literally all in the space of a few weeks.  I was both inspired and full of wonder…

I wondered why… Why did it take the coronavirus to cause this rapid change?  Why had these new ways of working not been developed alongside their traditional selling channels? 

This guy was so inspiring and full of energy it was clearly not a lack of effort or planning on his part.  The massive impact on all businesses has meant lots of people have had to stop, think and design new ways of working.   

My experience over the past 15years is that stopping and thinking critically, even for a short while about what your business does and how it adds value is vital, stopping those wasteful activities is also vital to create space for growth and responding to challenges.  

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself how many of the things you do are adding real value to your customers?  And how many are not? 

Have you calculated how much time and money you may be wasting, on those non-value adding activities?  

Have you calculated the value of missed opportunities to grow/change?  Simply because you are too busy to think critically.

Why not STOP and Start to think…. with a FREE 30 minute chat about how you could benefit from thinking differently about your business.  Either comment below or make a connection, what have you go to lose? 

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Breaking News

We are super excited to announce WBT Ltd are now a Registered Provider for the North East Business Support Fund helping businesses to improve their competitiveness. Find out more at

If you are interested in improving your business using our tried and tested techniques, then please get in touch.  You might be surprised how good, we can help you become.

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