Hunting Down The Covid-19 Variants – Adding Speed, Scale and Agility

Utilising WBT improvement techniques to improve the search for Covid 19 Variants, WBT and Sanger scientists worked in collaboration to deliver data faster and more consistently, to identify the Variants of concern.

Adding speed, scale and agility to the search for Covid-19 variants

Cristina Ariani – Genomic Surveillance Operations Lead – Wellcome Sanger Institute

“WBT consultants were essential to the success of the Covid-19 Genomics Surveillance Project at the Wellcome Sanger Institute. By bringing continuous improvement into the culture of all teams involved in the project, we have been able to deliver unprecedented numbers of high-quality genome sequences of Covid-19 to the British Government and the scientific community. WBT drove considerable improvements on turnaround times from more than 19 days to less than 3 days and provided fundamental counsel at important decision-making instances.”