Consultancy Services

Our transformational approach, underpinned by Lean & Systems Thinking Principles, delivers sustainable positive change for any organisation. 

Businesses often get stuck in a rut doing the same thing day in and day out, often expecting different results. To ensure your organisation succeeds, it is critical to embrace change and keep revising your ways of working; because standing still is no longer an option. 

The driver for transformation can be one or many things, such as providing better quality of service, improving customer satisfaction, increasing employee engagement, removing waste, managing demand, reducing costs and of course staying ahead of your competitors.

Our consultants have an approachable engaging style, and deliver real results for the organisations we work with.  We would be more than happy to discuss your requirements and levels of transformation appropriate for your needs.

6 step approach to transformation

WBT – 6 Step approach to Transformation

Prepare and Setup – Identifying, planning & agreeing the approach using high-level knowledge gathering

Understand – Building a joint understanding of the current position and pitfalls and opportunities

Vision & Purpose – Working with you to determine the appropriate vision and purpose for your organisation

Design – Designing a service to achieve your Vision and Purpose

Implement – Implementing the transformational changes through experimentation, learning whilst continually improving

Sustain – Sustaining continuous improvement process and culture to keep your organisation future-proofed